SMI Century Club
SMI researches, creates, and/or supports grassroots reforms in manufacturing education and economic development. The Century Club is an advisory structure within SMI that collaborates with multiple corporate, foundation donor groups, and relevant thought-leaders. The Century Club provides resources and guidance to achieve SMI’s mission by:
  • Initiating and leading the revitalization/sustainability of California’s manufacturing education infrastructure
  • Building a forum to facilitate collaboration by corporate, foundation and prominent thought-leaders
  • Leading efforts to improve public and institutional perceptions of manufacturing as a viable path toward personal, environmental and economic success
The Century Club provides a center of excellence and a common voice for select leaders who are passionate about manufacturing education. Participating thought-leaders and donors have a stake in the continuing improvement of resources and individuals who depend on manufacturing education programs and positive economic impact.
Coalition for Manufacturing Careers (CMC)
CMC is a body of association stakeholders collaborating to support apprenticeship and training for the manufacturing industry. The association partners contribute by giving our mutual support of manufacturing education a greater voice in California. The CMC is a valuable and sustainable leadership platform for all of our associations to assist manufacturers and policymakers in California.

Roots in Collaboration
CMC began as an ad-hoc group of like-minded national and regional associations that came together in 2001 to help promote the inclusion of National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) standards in California schools. The CMC efforts were successful, and NIMS based curriculum became part of an approved statewide course outline. The CMC alliance proved vital to breaking down historic barriers that kept schools and manufacturers from finding common ground. The original participants in the CMC were:
  • National Institute for Metalworking Skills
  • National Tooling and Machining Association
  • Pacific Coast Manufacturers Association
  • Precision Manufacturers Products Association
  • Precision Metal Working Association
  • Small Manufacturers Association of CA
  • Society of Plastic Engineers
  • Society of Plastic Industries
Success through Collaboration
  • SMI and CMC were successful in having NIMS Metalworking Skills adopted into California's Adult Education system
  • CMC provides policy and program advice to the state's CDE infrastructure through our advisory role with the California Industrial Technical Education Association (CITEA)
  • Provide guidance and leadership on Goodwill Southern California's Manufacturing Skills Group concerning various issues raised by the regional companies and educators and the broader issue of growing apprenticeship programs
  • Provide guidance to Goodwill and the Strong Workforce Apprenticeship Group (SWAG) as they manage and expand the apprenticeship process on behalf of regional companies
  • Provides a process to identify problems manufacturers may have within the areas of training, apprenticeships or regulations and highlight issues to policy makers or governmental agencies
  • Market and grow the existing brands within our associations so that non-participating companies learn about the value in association participation