Small Manufacturers' Institute

Provide Southern California Logistics Technology Collaborative assistance with workforce coordination in logistics,warehousing, and tansportation in Los Angeles, San Bernardino,and Riverside Counties.

Facilitate middle school programs including Robotics, the Ambassador Project, and the Inland Regional STEM Institute Workshop in the San Bernardino area.

Support the El Camino Community College District Center for Applied Competitive Technoliogies Hub program.

Assist and support the Compton Community College with their Aerospace Fastener Technician Training Program.Assist and manage programs for Career Technical Education in the San Bernardino Community College District area.

Act as the Fiscal Agent for the Rothlisberger Educational Endowment.

Support student activities at the WESTEC Machine Tool Exposition.Co-sponsor VEX Robotics Competitions at numerous high schools and colleges throughout California.